Slayer fan has “time of her life” as wheelchair is pushed into mosh pit

  • 14 Sep, 2018

    "She had the best time of her life"

    A brilliant video has captured the moment that a wheelchair bound Slayer fan was given the chance to experience a mosh pit for the first time.

    In the clip, the elderly woman is pushed into the mosh pit at a recent Slayer show in Nampa, Idaho. She’s immediately followed by a huge throng of fans who proceed to mosh around her.

    Speaking to Loudwire back in 2016, Araya mused that it was “time to collect my pension” after 35 years in music. However, he was keen to point out that he still got a buzz from playing live.

    “I like singing and just spitting that shit out and convincing everybody that this guy is a fucking maniac,” he said. “It’s like acting. You feel the lyrics and you show them with your facial expressions, your body expressions, your intensity — I love that shit.”

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