Rare Sufjan Stevens song ‘Lonely Man Of Winter’ to be released at last

  • 08 Nov, 2018


    The track was previously only shared with one fan as part of the musician's "Xmas Song Xchange Contest"

    A rare Sufjan Stevens song will finally be released, it has been confirmed.

    ‘Lonely Man Of Winter’ was written in 2007 but was only shared with one fan as part of the musician’s “Xmas Song Xchange Contest”. While lucky winner Alec Duffy held listening parties for other fans to hear the track, it has never been made publicly available.

    Earlier this year, Stevens confirmed his plans to reissue his 2006 album ‘Songs For Christmas’ on vinyl for the very first time. The box set will be released tomorrow and will feature all 42 songs from the original release.

    The musician was invited to become a member of The Academy this year following his Oscar-nominated work on the soundtrack for Call Me By Your Name. In April, he performed the OST’s ‘Visions Of Gideon’ live for the first time at New York’s Town Hall.

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