Depeche Mode announce new singles box-set, featuring some classic ’80s tracks

  • 08 Nov, 2018


    New vinyl box-set rounds up some 80s classics

    Depeche Mode have announced the release of a new vinyl 12″ singles box-set, which compiles the singles released from two of their classic 1980s albums.

    ‘Construction Time Again: The 12″ Singles’ and ‘Some Great Reward: The 12″ Singles’ is based on those albums of the same name. ‘Construction Time Again’ was released in 1983, with ‘Some Great Reward’ following the year after.

    ‘Master And Servant ‘(L12BONG 6)
    A ‘Master And Servant (An On-U Sound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)’
    B ‘Are People People? (Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)’
    B ‘(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (7” Mix)’

    ‘Blasphemous Rumours‘
    A ‘Blasphemous Rumours’
    B ‘Somebody (Live)’
    B ‘Two Minute Warning (Live)’
    B ‘Ice Machine (Live)’
    B ‘Everything Counts (Live)’

    ‘Blasphemous Rumours’ (L12BONG 7)
    A ‘Somebody (Remix)’
    A ‘Everything Counts (Live)’
    AA ‘Blasphemous Rumours (Single Version)’
    AA ‘Told You So (Live)’

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